Study Help Essay Questions

1. Discuss the significance of the novel within the tradition of Chinese-American fiction. 2. Analyze the conflicts between any two of these pairs of characters: Suyuan Woo and Jing-mei Woo An-mei Hsu and Rose Hsu Jordan Lindo Jong and Waverly Jong Ying-ying St. Clair and Lena St. Clair Clifford St. […]

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Critical Essays The Fairy Tale

According to J.R.R. Tolkien, the “cauldron of story” has always been bubbling. Many stories persist in human memory, beginning long before the invention of printing and passed down through many generations to the present. This heritage, preserved chiefly through the “oral tradition,” is the soup in the cauldron of Tolkien’s […]

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Amy Tan Biography

Amy Tan, whose Chinese name, An-mei, means “blessing from America,” was born in 1952 in Oakland, California, the middle child and only daughter of John and Daisy Tan, who came to America from China in the late 1940s. Besides Amy, the Tans also had two sons — Peter, born in […]

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