Study Help Full Glossary for Shakespeare’s Sonnets

alchemy to turn something into gold

ambassage message

anon soon

aspect astrological term for influence

attaint dishonor

augurs fortune tellers

bankrout bankrupt

bastard signs cosmetics

beshrew a mild curse

bett’ring improvement as time passes

bootless useless

broils battles

canker blooms dog-roses

canker destructive worm

car cart

carcanet jewelled collar

chary carefully

churl rude person

compeers by night spirit aids

concord harmony, agreement

contracted new newly betrothed

dead seeing lifeless appearance

Dian the goddess of chastity, Diana

distill(ed) reduced to the essence

dun tan or mud-colored

eisell vinegar

erst formerly

expiate bring to a close

extern exterior

fair beauty

foison abundant harvest

gild’st the even make the evening bright

glazed paned

haply by accident

haply perhaps

limbecks gourd-shaped vessels used in distilling

makeless mateless

meetness fitness to the occasion

misprision error

moity share

oblation offering

patent right

penury poverty

Philomel the nightingale

physic remedy

plenitude plenty

poesy poem

presage predict

presagers indicators

prove test

rack a mass of streaming clouds

rased erased

resty lazy

rondure sphere

ruth pity

scanted be short of

sheeds sheds

sluttish untidy

stelled portrayed

swart-complexioned dark-complected; swarthy

thralled oppressed

tillage cultivated land

tires attire

twain two separate beings

twire peek

uneared untilled

vade depart

vassalage servitude

vaunt boast

votary nymph of Diana, votaress